(Proposed Revision Sept 2010)


1.      The name of this organization shall be the "Cave Creek Saddle Club".

2.      The purpose of this club shall be to enjoy and stimulate the fellowship of others who like saddle horses and trail riding.

3.      The club fiscal year shall begin September lst and end August 31th, with annual dues to be set by the club officers in accordance with the needs and financial obligations of the club subject to the approval of the membership. Dues are payable upon receipt of the September newsletter.   Delinquent dues not paid by the October meeting will disqualify person(s) from membership.

4.      Those eligible for this club are those who own or have access to a horse and are sixteen years of age or over. 

5.      The officers of this club shall be: a President; a Vice President, a Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Secretary and Treasurer position may be combined or separate. Election of these officers shall be held once a year at the regular May meeting.  Additional volunteers are a Trail Coordinator; Newsletter and may include an Event Coordinator; and Membership Chair.

6.      Business meetings shall be held once a month, September through May, at a convenient time and place.  Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of any member.  An evening ride and meeting at some designated outdoor spot can be considered a business meeting for the month in which it is held.

7.      Only members shall be eligible to vote.

8.      Any member shall be free to invite others (16 years of age or older). Riders are not covered by liability insurance; guests will become one-time members by paying a fee less than the annual fee, and for that one ride only. They must be accompanied by their sponsor.  In addition, like other members, they will be required to sign the liability waiver and obey the trail rules of the club.

9.      The President is to preside at all formal meetings and shall appoint and authorize committees for any special and specific duties.  In case of the President's absence, the Vice President shall preside with full authority of office.

10.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall attend all meetings and keep a record of all proceedings and all funds collected and paid out. In case of the Secretary or Treasurer's absence, the President shall appoint a temporary substitute.

11.  In case of a vacancy in any office, they shall be filled for the unexpired term by a majority vote at a regular meeting.

12.   The treasurer or responsible bank signer is to pay all ordinary expenses but must have authorization for extraordinary items by majority vote of the executive committee, time permitting, or, in emergency, by the president or the treasurer.  A report of expenditures shall be made at each monthly meeting.

13.  Any revision of these rules may be made at meetings of the directors provided such amendment be in writing and provided to the directors 10 days prior to being voted upon. 

14.  For the safety of all riders the Trail Boss will appoint a "Drag" rider at the beginning of each ride.

15.  A club member in good standing who has attained the age of 75 years may be awarded lifetime, dues-free membership by majority vote at a club meeting.